Net-zero transition challenges for financial institutions

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We, at Deloitte, are focusing our efforts towards supporting your organisation in its ESG journey. In this respect we are delighted to invite you to attend a webinar regarding decarbonisation and the banks’ role and responsibilities in this domain focusing on the net-zero transition.

A growing number of financial institutions have pledged to make their portfolios net-zero by 2050 or sooner, and a minority have already started measuring their financed emissions. However, measuring emissions and net-zero pledges lack credibility unless they are underpinned by measurable interim targets that go beyond the current state of pledges, partial portfolio commitments or longer-term commitments.

Firms should take early action to ensure that their net-zero plans are credible to meet their public commitments, and that their disclosures are complete and accurate. Doing so will better enable firms to harness the opportunities arising from the net-zero transition and to meet the expectations of their stakeholders.

Please join us as we bring together several eminent Deloitte subject matter experts along with speakers from the industry to explore the topic of decarbonisation focusing on the net-zero transition.

This event will focus on how to tackle the challenges of the net-zero transition and how the financial services industry can boost credibility through measurement.




3:30 pm


3:35 pm

Round table: Achieving net-zero commitments: decarb approaches and challenges for financial institutions
Carlos Barrientos, Responsible for Sustainability Strategy, CaixaBank
Antonio Bravo, Global Head Sustainability Strategy & Development, BBVA

Moderator: Rodrigo Pérez, Sustainable Finance Partner, Deloitte Spain

4:00 pm

Keynote: Advancing Net Zero Commitments in Financial Services
Catherine Saire,
Sustainable Partner, TCFD Member

4:15 pm

Hans-Jürgen Walter, Global Lead Sustainable Finance, Deloitte

Thank you so much for your time. Unfortunately, this event has already finished.


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